3D animation as a business tool

Three-dimensional graphics is not just about special effects and computer games. Here are the examples of how 3D solves real business problems.


In most cases real estate companies sell apartments before the actual building gets constructed. Thus, for them 3D-presentations of future projects are basically the best solution.

It works perfectly. The house is not built yet, but clients are already admiring the view from the windows and mentally park their cars in the backyard.

The demand rating: 8/10

This video what created when the actual building was just a project.

Technology and Industries

Hidden engineering systems, miniature mechanisms and huge machines look equally good in 3D.

A couple of years ago we recieved an order a make a video about a huge Canadian wind generator.

The client has estimated that “live” video would have required lots of money. A flight to the location, all kinds of permits, hiring a helicopter. (cheap drones were not yet that common back then).

The possibilities of 3D-graphics spared our client’s purse without compromising the realism. And hardly would a traditional shooting provide such spectacular camera angles.

The demand rating: 8,5/10

Game Trailers

Many computer games developers do not bother themselves with video production. After all, animation needs special resources – both human and technical. And that’s right, everyone should his part.

An interesting observation: a trailer often looks cooler than a game itself. What makes a difference is the technology. In the video production details play a very important part, every shot is being carefully set and rendered.

Game graphics are generated in real time. The high speed reduces the quality.

The demand rating: 9/10

Children Brands

Today, almost every animated blockbuster is made in 3D. Not because classical animation is worse, nor because it’s boring. But you can’t fight the evolution and general tendencies.

That’s why no wonder that children advertising is now actively becomes mostly 3D. We didn’t stay on the sidelines as well.

The demand rating: 8,5/10

… that very video

Medicine and Pharmaceutics

Biotechnologies, a demonstration of the internal organs, the effect of medication and complex operations. With 3D it’s possible show maximum realism without surgical intervention.

We work where the nature itself doesn’t allow to do live shooting.

The demand rating: 9/10


Impressive advertising

3D-graphics copes with any transformations, spectacular locations and the most incredible objects. There are no restrictions – except for the budget, of cource.

In this sense, 3D manifests itself in vehicles advertising. Sometimes it seems that the budget of these videos equals to the one they have for the whole development of the auto-concept.

By the way, we’ve got a video about an interesting car in our arsenal as well.

The demand rating: 9,5/10

And last, but not least. A 3D-video itself will not solve all the issues and problems of your business. It is only a tool for achieving your goals – yes, a really effective one, but still. What’s more important is how you use it.