Part 1. First steps on a long path

As a rule, production companies brag about their results and are extremely tight-lipped about the process of their work. We decided to break the mould and reveal the stages of 3D video creation. As you would expect, we’ll start from the beginning.


This sounds like a job for a storm trooper…

So, imagine a group of inventively stimulated people locked up in a room… They’re shouting randomly and madly flinging their arms about…

Don’t call 911 for a doctor. It’s not a group schizophasia attack. It’s a brainstorm. A storm in their brains, a storm of ideas – whatever you like to call it. The key point is that out of that creative chaos, a new video concept is born.

To onlookers, it looks quite spectacular: Each ‘storm trooper’ says whatever pops into his mind on the topic ‘under fire’. There are no limits. Every idea counts, no matter how crazy it is!

And from those streams of consciousness, some interesting key concepts will be picked out for a closer look, to see where they may lead.


Painting is not derived from ‘pain’

If random thoughts are left unattended, they can vanish into the air without a trace. We use one special lifehack to prevent any creative concept from falling into oblivion – we write everything down! We even sketch it down.

During the brainstorming session, a well-trained expert performs a sort of shamanic dance around the flip chart, armed with a strategic pack of coloured markers. The result is a huge sheet of paper completely covered with hand-written notes and merry pictures (well, not always so merry). Nothing of interest is allowed to fall through the cracks!



It would be great to have a representative of the client involved in the brainstorming. This reduces the risk of going down the wrong path. You may come up with the most amazing ideas possible, but what if your client has a different view?

That’s all for today. The next article will explore the destiny of brainstormed ideas. In the meantime, stay tuned!