Part 5. Textures, light and scanning

It’s a pity to give away our production secrets, but we can’t stop ourselves. So we’ll tell you what happens after setup and animation.


So, your animatic was approved without too many sacrifices on both sides? Smile and wave… I mean – rejoice quietly and let’s go on to texture mapping, materials and light setting.

Textures are realistic images covering the surface of the models.

Thanks to them, objects can have visual characteristics of wood, stone, metal, leather. This ‘skin’ is pulled over the 3D skeleton – and there you have it! – Our black and white model becomes close to the thing we wanted to create.

To put this texture on correctly we need a flat pattern. Imagine the pattern of a 3D object like a plane or an atlas of the world. It will be a sort of flat pattern.


Flat pattern of a globe – Source:


Our work: a character’s flat pattern

Textures will not work without a good flat pattern. But not all visualizers are able to achieve this. Sometimes you look at a model and it seems passable, yet somehow you feel deceived.

Our professionals will do anything to avoid you feeling this way. Satisfaction is guaranteed.


All materials need to be customised. Computer surfaces have their properties, just as any surface online has. Reflection, deflection, transparency, finish – they all matter. Otherwise your attempt at life-like reality will limp like the ugly duckling from the fairy tale.


Let there be light!

At the end of this stage comes the setting of light sources – what provides the light, where it comes from, where the shadows will be and what will they look like… No big deal, right?

Think again!

Try to imagine… Once a client ordered the dawn for his video – That meant it had to be dawn, not sunset. Have you watched both in nature? There’s a huge difference.

So, this almost penal servitude to detail results in approval of all static frames of key scenes. And the quality is

close to that of final version. Once approved, colours and textures will be impossible to change.