Part 6. Rendering – the point of no return

This is the special stage of 3D video production – the whole process can be measured before and after it.


A huge amount of work and no small amount of digital information are behind us. It’s time to turn it all into an image.

Rendering is a computerized calculation of all the frames in a video. And it takes a long, long, long time. Why? Let’s count. Each second of the video has 30 frames. It takes from one to three hours of continuous work from a powerful PC to make one bright and beautiful frame. 1800 frames are to be rendered for a 1-minute video. It’s up to 5400 hours. 225 days… You do the math!

So why don’t clients wait years for their videos? Because the production companies have render-farms working for them – bunches of PCs that perform only two functions. They buzz and render. Needless to say, such a farm is a costly affair? For this reason, many production companies prefer to lease them.

We, however, have one of our own. Aren’t we lucky farmers?


A common render-farm

There’s a weird phenomenon. Even those clients that have dealt with 3D video before seem to go totally blank about rendering specific features after some time.

So let us remind you officially – once those frames are rendered, you can change nothing in the video. This is the point of no return.

For example, imagine a moving car… It’s present in every scene. If you suddenly wish to change the car’s make and speed after rendering, you’ll have to smother your desire. Don’t go there! Not unless you want to do everything all over again – and pay twice.

Also render can cause a lot of glitches caused by software imperfections. Believe it or not, even the latest software can be crippled at times.

Render can fail or the result can be far from what was expected. The rendered video can lack certain elements.

Or conversely, it can have some that are unwanted, such as a pretty stripe on the screen.

But this is not the most serious issue. Computers can fail much worse than any software. One glitching server can ruin the work of the whole farm.

Only experienced 3D designers can solve these problems – and we have just the right staff for the job. We control everything that happens on our farm and, if necessary, we can handle the weeding… sorry – the breakdowns, even in the middle of the night.

What? The video is rendered? Congratulations, time for a stretch.

But wait. We have an idea. Let’s make this a couple of articles longer. Stay tuned!


A piece of advice from the veterans. Often companies that are not experienced in large-scale projects try to attract customers with offers of a low price. Think twice – do you want somebody to use your project to experiment on? It’s unlikely that you’ll be happy with the result or the timing.