Part 7. Postproduction – is there any life after rendering?

Though rendering is considered the point of no return in the production, work continues after it. There is still so much to do. We need to do image correction, colour correction and add visual effects.


We’re talking about post-processing. Any rendered video is sort of sterile, and it needs to be processed to bring it to life. For example, we can darken the borders, make some focus shifts, and add some details.

There’s a lot to say about post-processing – and even more to write about it. In fact, there are special training courses dedicated to dealing with it, as well as specialized companies that work solely with post-processing. We will try to cover this stage briefly but conclusively.


Spot the difference. Post-processing: before and after Usually post-processing implies colour correction and the addition of different effects.

First and foremost, colour correction makes the whole video consistent in colours; otherwise different scenes may be totally different in colour set. This is also where you might set a dominant colour scheme. People often joke that Hollywood movies are usually ‘blue’ or ‘orange’.

It’s different with the effects. Not only do they decorate the image, but sometimes they can influence the perception of the video itself.

For example, there’s that well-known effect that makes a real image look like a miniature toy. This can be achieved by focus change. Foreground objects are sharp-cut and the background is blurred. People in the know call this effect DOF- Depth of Field.

By the way, DOF worked perfectly to visualise the book that came to life in our greeting video for FIDOBANK.

Another popular effect is motion blur. It’s used to highlight the dynamics of the objects that move fast. Without it, such movement can look clumsy and unnatural.

Creation doesn’t end there. Post-processing also includes making the sky. A video can actually be rendered without the blue sky, in order to save time. Really! No sky, no fluffy clouds… All this natural beauty will be customised afterwards with some special software.

eggpunch_without_1 eggpunch_with_1

With and without the sky…

So, most of your work is done. All that is left now is to take care of the soundtrack. And we will cover this topic in our next article!