Part 8. How does video sound?

For a long time now we’ve been telling you about 3D video production in detail. Sound recording is the last of stages.


When we start working, we request an original soundtrack. Unless the client wants something else, of course. For instance, you can purchase the right to use an international hit song. It works well… For a price.

Still, the majority of tracks are written to order for a particular project.

Working on music drafts can start after the animatic (LINK) is approved. At this early stage, quality is not so important. What we need is to define style, tempo and rhythm.

The final sound will be recorded only when the whole video is ready. This way it can perfectly match the video’s mood. Music is integral to highlighting plot twists and taking the audience to an emotional climax.

Speaking of matching, the best decisions are not necessarily straightforward ones. Many people believe that the presentation of a respectable housing estate must be underscored with neoclassical tunes, played by violins and cellos. And what can be better for hi-tech video than some dubstep?

Well, it’s a reasonable approach. But sometimes the opposition of visual and musical parts can become real treasure, surprising and engaging the audience.


Sound effects are less noticeable than music, but they are crucial. Sounds of nature; sounds of mechanisms clanking, whistling, scraping, swishing – they all give life to the video.

One of our clips is totally based on sounds associated with cars. Before we made this decision, we were looking for real insight for a long time… And we found it. But you’d better see it for yourself. It’s music to your ears!

Somehow, for a lot of people sound is something secondary for the video. What a malicious thought! A good soundtrack contributes at least a third to your video success.

And more importantly, if you have boring music and a mumbling voice over, even the best visual component can fail miserably.

So, a good music maker and a smart speaker are no less important for the project than… all the rest.

DJ working at music mixing board

One more issue to speak about… The work of the speaker

Voice perception is very subjective. Like it / like it not! And even the most professional and experienced speaker can fall into the latter category.

Experience has proven that voice over may be recorded more than five times. That’s why the client needs to hear all the capacities of a speaker’s voice, listening to a demo record. Sometimes the voice itself feels good, but it doesn’t work with the words given. So, “Please record it again and again and again, adding sunshine, solemnity or luminosity to your voice…” Clients usually have a great imagination.

Recorded voice over then needs to be swept clean, mounted, and afterwards, all the sounds will be put on to one audio track.

The video is almost ready. There’s hardly any work left – just unifying all the parts described above into one file and uploading it in triumph to the client’s Youtube channel.

That’s it! We did it!