It’s time to talk

We are starting a series of articles about video production. These notes will help customers understand the working principles of our studio. But we also welcome those who read it just out of curiousity.


There will be a lot of content. We decided to call some of the articles “productional”. In them we will talk about the creative and the technical side of video-production. How to write a script? What is an animatic? How long can a rendering last? Why do we need post-production?

Another type of the articles is about the team-client relationships. In them we shall talk about the magic of advance payment, deadlines and guarantees.There will also be some useful stories and professional legends.

The third type is about general trends in modern animation and video advertising. Examples of the most unusual, bright and creative disicions and much more.

Everything is in a blog mode, so feel free to join the discussion. Read, argue, repost. We wish you a pleasant and useful pastime!