Once we’re up and running on your project, you can be sure we'll deliver brilliant results. You'll get your high quality video product strictly within the deadline. We provide individually tailored video production, leaving our competitors far behind. When you evaluate our work, you’ll easily see why! Nothing but quality - that’s our rule!

3D: three-dimensional requirements

  • Authentic 3D models, complete with accurate details, forms and proportions.
  • Realistic movements, based on the laws of physics.
  • Effective camera positioning and a range of angles.
  • Aesthetically pleasing visualization: soft realistic lighting and believable, high-resolution textures.
  • High resolution computer rendering: 2 or 3 times higher than that of the PAL TV system.
  • Post-production image editing: Color correction, motion blurring, depth of field - we know all of these inside and out!

Infographic: Mission = to Explain

  • High quality work from the illustrator. Infographics are a great, foolproof way to visualise ideas.
  • High level shape animation. This not only demonstrates a strong knowledge of complex software, but also the principles of classic animation.
  • Less text. More graphics. Watch it rather than read it!

Live action: the human factor

  • A talented director pays attention to details. A real pro sees the big picture in all the little things.
  • State-of-the-art equipment: professional cameras, optics and technical devices. Say no more!
  • An operator who breathes life into an image with all his body and soul.
  • A skilful lighting team - effective lighting is all-important in live action. Who wants a main character with an unintentional shadow on his face? No, thanks!
  • A crew of artistic directors and designers who work hard to create/find a good location.
  • Make-up artists work their magic to enhance the looks of talented actors.
  • An active producer oversees dozens of processes - so much to do, so little time!
  • Well-organized catering. No-one wants the film crew to get sick!
  • Editing of every little thing, which is interesting, logical and - most importantly - dynamic.

Quality ingredients: Shaken, Not Stirred

  • A carefully thought-out original screenplay: We put finding a solution to the client's problem first. Then we add creativity and non-standard scenarios to spice it up.
  • A rough sketch (a.k.a. storyboard): Get the picture? We help you imagine each episode of the future video.
  • Clear sound with authentic emotions: Professional voice talent + appropriate sound effects + a unique backing track = a high-quality soundtrack.
  • A sense of style: From cute cartoon character animation to strict parameters on all technical projects.

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