When paying good money for a quality product, clients expect a certain level of service. To ensure we are able to meet your expectations, we’ve set up specific guidelines.

These principles were created primarily to ensure customer satisfaction, but they also keep the production processes running smoothly.

It’s a win-win situation.

Immediate response

Always online - we respond to potential clients on the same day.

Further interaction takes place by the most convenient means: telephone, e-mail, skype or meeting in person.

We like visiting our partners, but are equally happy to welcome guests at our own office. Do you prefer to communicate remotely? No problem.

Never lost in translation

We always try to find a common denominator in any negotiations with the client. We do our best to understand each other.

We can speak both on a professional level and on the level of: “Please change that tiny green thing over there”.

Mutual understanding guarantees great results. We are as interested in this outcome as you are!

Good manners

Goodwill is important to us, and we are pretty understanding when a client has feedback or requests changes during the working process. Revising the conditions of the agreement as needed, of course.

And we respect both sincerity and human nature!

Indeed, meaningful communication is one of life’s little luxuries.

Time is money

We plan our project timeframe with a small reserve to allow for the unexpected. But we always adhere strictly to the deadline.

We guarantee work according to clients’ specifications, if there are any. And we ask the same of you. We can do without any extra paperwork.

Going deeper

We're quick to grasp the deeper theme of any presentation. Superficiality is for amateurs.

We don’t just make the details of your project clear, we take it apart and rebuild it piece by piece.

After all, this is our main aim, isn't it?

Total control

The client can retain full control over the work in progress. We believe in transparency in doing business.

Do you want to involve your own specialist in the working process? A fantastic idea! We’re behind you all the way!

Lend your own personal touch to our creative kitchen. Make yourself at home!

Our policy is to be attentive, diligent, creative and able to understand our customers.

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