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AFD Plaza: The residential complex Architectural presentation

Not all architectural animation is the same. For example, this project has its own special place on our personal shelf of achievements. Firstly, we dealt with it at the speed of light. And secondly, it has a soul. Even the butterflies are fluttering - they probably flew off from someone in love.

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It’s believed that butterflies are attracted to the light, but in this case the object of desire is a magnificent apartment complex.

The video's got everything needed for a dignified architectural animation. Impressive monumental structures, a realistic landscape and a peaceful atmosphere. And what could be more soothing than the emotions you experience after becoming the proud owner of a new apartment?

That's why the complex attracts not only butterflies, but also buyers. Just so you know, we broke all speed records while working on this project. Yep, only the wind is faster.

The creative idea and the storyboard were created by redPoint graphics agency.

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