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Bulk Kremi 1: a barge for sulphur traffic Technical explanatory video

They say ships have souls. While we are no experts in the shipping field, what we can do is visualise the body of a ship to perfection.

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Sea shipments are synonymous with romance. But they also mean big bucks and fierce competition. It’s hard to stay afloat for long without a proper presentation video.

So that's where we came in on the project of sulfur transportation. Creating the video was no easy task. In reality, bulk cargo transshipment is a hard and dangerous job. Our task was to show this specific process in a simple, attractive and informative way. A tremendous challenge - but pretty exciting. We took a dip into a marine theme. Who knows? Maybe now we’re able to organize some goods transshipment on the nearest lake!

Besides realistic 3D we also created animated sketches of huge sea ships. Each detail was measured precisely to the nearest millimeter.

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