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«Egg Punch 2» smartphone game 3D animation of cartoon animals

It’s terrible when someone steals your wings - especially if the culprit is an artful bunny. We’ve got a real drama going on in our 3D-thriller about the life of the inhabitants of the forest. And don’t be surprised if you've already seen something like that on your smartphone screen.

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We love computer games, and so it’s a great joy to work on projects like this one. In fact, our team threw a party when we received this order. The dress code called for ears and feathers, of course.

But let’s get to the point. Here’s a video trailer for the smartphone game "Egg Punch". According to the plot, a wingless bird in an egg-shaped exoskeleton is chasing a kleptomaniac bunny. As you can see, it’s nothing unusual.

The video can be watched just for lulz, but it’s way better to see it as a fine example of character animation. A lot of hard work went into creating the likeable appearances of the bird and the bunny.

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