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Khazar Islands - City of the Future 3D animation of the artificial archipelago

A large-scale project with a demonstration of the enormous capabilities of 3D-animation. We have created a whole island city. So far these buildings, streets and parks exist only on architectural plans and in our video.

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The Dubai experience has inspired many countries - it’s more than likely that soon artificial islands with skyscrapers will appear in the Caspian Sea as well. And you can admire its extraordinary city on the screen while it is under construction.  

The video begins with staged scenes, but its foundation is 3D-graphics. We paid a lot of attention to details, visual effects and the realism of the sea. After all, the city is surrounded by it all around.  

Upon the request of the client our manmade archipelago emerges from the "real" water drop. That’s why our video looks like a beautiful eastern legend.

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