KITE backpacks going to school with a robot
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Identifying the goal

The KITE company has decorated their backpacks with images from the cartoons. We went even further. In our video the backpacks have turned into recognizable characters.

Goals and aims

The video tells parents about the ergonomics, strength and durability of KITE backpacks. The childrens’ attention is caught with cool transformers and images made in the style of computer games.


After the script approval, we drew sketches of the future video.


The modeling was launched after the concepts approval. The girl turned to be a beauty almost instantly, but the boy needed more attention.


After finishing the creations of the models, we began animating them. We set the position and angles of the camera. Determined the scale of the objects, developed all the movements of the characters. Our little girl learned to dance from a real ballerina.


Feel the difference: " bare" render is combined with postprocessing.


The voiceover. The narrator’s work only seems simple. Look how many failed takes we had.


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