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Mining business 3D infographic

The plot of this atmospheric 3D-video could give some sci-fi blockbuster a run for its money. Here you’ll find all the favorite Hollywood features: a global conspiracy, experiments with collective consciousness and a desperate struggle for survival...

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The world is experiencing a new "gold rush". However, modern prospectors no longer stand knee-deep in icy water with their gold pans in hand. Instead, their tool of choice is a computer.

Yes, you read that right. The main treasure in this video is a mysterious, desirable and highly convertible Cryptocurrency. Theoretically, everyone can earn it - just turn on your PC. Though, in real life things are not so rosy. As usual, cunning businessmen come up with ideas of how to make a profit from it on an industrial scale - without giving the same opportunity to others, of course.

You can find the solution to this problem in our mysterious cyber-punk video.

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